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Spiced Equestrian - Pony Nails Stamping Set

Spiced Equestrian - Pony Nails Stamping Set

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Winner of the Most Innovative Product Award at the 2016 Western & English Sales Association trade show in Denver, Colorado, USA!


We’ve taken our beloved stamping kit and made it even better. The Pony Nails stamping set now comes with an easier to use dauber, improved storage bag, even better designs, and more in-depth instructions.

We combined our love of horses, style, and all things pretty and came up with a nail design set that screams equestrienne. Worried about chipping your manicure while doing up your noseband? Put some ponies on those toesies and embrace sandal weather… once you’re a safe distance from hooves, of course!

The Pony Nails Stamping Set includes a set of instructions, a stamper, a scraper, a storage bag, and design plates featuring a variety of cool designs you can print using your own nail polish.